Sunday, 2 January 2011

Easing back

I headed to Bandon this afternoon for the annual Bandon AC 5 mile road race. While I am no where near good form I just needed to get used to some fast running as speedwork has been on the back burner for the last few months.
I started out with Clubmate Denis, both of us aiming for sub-35 (7 minute miles). We banked some time in the first downhill mile - 6:13. Through the town at 7 minute pace for the relatively flat second mile, left past the GAA club and out the Kilbritain Road - 7:03. The third mile was largely uphill so we kept the effort the same and eased off the pace. Through halfway in about 17:10. Mile 3 in 7:25.
Once the hill was crested it was largely downhill or flat to the finish so with the body feeling comfortable I eased up the pace and slowly reeled in a few runners in front of me. I could see Dan Kennedy of St Finbarrs AC about 50 yards ahead and set him as a target to reel in. It took some time to gain ground and I was still behind him at the 4 mile mark - mile 4 in 6:21. However I was gaining ground and still felt reasonably ok so I was able to push the pace further and slowly reeled in Dan and a few more in front of him making sure to pass quickly so as to minimise the risk of a counter attack. I passed my last target with about 250m to go and could hear them coming back at me - so I pressed on the accelerator and found more fuel in the tank and sprinted for the line - 32:58 (Mile 5 in 5:56). Not my best result but a great way to run a race and glad to see that I had some speed in my legs.
Denis came in shortly afterwards in 34:44 easily getting under his 35 minute target and holding off a last minute challenge by clubmate John Quigley.

2 Mile Mark

A quick mile warmdown back to the car with no time to stop for refreshments as I had an afternoon of felling and cutting trees planned with Adrian.


  1. 32 is a long way under 35!!! Nice one!

  2. Congratulations on a solid year. I'm looking forward to your training for the Connemara Ultra. All the best in 2011!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I tried to explain my reasons for doing back -back sessions on my blog, but make sure you read this;
    Avoiding the Hard/Easy Trap

  4. Good solid running Grellan.Well done