Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I finished off recovery week no. 2 with a 12 mile hilly run along the viaduct loop with Eagle AC on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. The overall pace was a relatively leisurely 8:30 minute miles which suited me fine - although the hills were still challenging. Today was the day for intervals.......... 6 x 100m in the pool at lunchtime (1,250m total) and 3 x 2,000m at the track in the evening. There was a big group of us on the 5 x 95 second laps (7:55 target). The first, like last week, was a slow 8:01 (that's the last time i'll act as pacemaker). The second swung in the opposite direction - 7:48. The girls paced the final rep and despite a 90 second opening lap kept the pace pretty even until the last 200m where a few of us stretched our legs -7:48. I put my name in the hat for next Sunday's Intermediate/Masters Cross Country in Bandon. I've heard Cross Country is tough particularly if the ground is wet which is guaranteed given recent weather and as I'm not planning on splashing out on a set of spikes i'm expecting one step back for every 2 steps forward - maybe a barefoot run is called for! I think i'll start at the back as some of the more experienced do, except in my case that is where I expect to remain for the duration. Sun 8th Nov 12.11 miles in 1:42:16 (08:27 pace @ 132 HR) Recovery week #2: 27.0 miles Mon 9th Nov 2.5 miles in 19:49 (07:56 pace - treadmill) Tue 10th Nov 5.92 miles in 47:50 (08:04 pace @ 144HR) with 3 x 2k in 7:63/48/48. (3 x 2 minutes at a slow walk)


  1. Barefoot might work - you can dig your toes into the mud! Should be fun - we very rarely get to run muddy cross country down here.

    Nice going with the intervals too.

  2. You're not alone - pacing is something I'll never learn.

    Just keep in mind the possibility of getting spiked if you run barefoot.

  3. From experience....watch out from the cow dung if you decide to go barefoot!!

  4. Hi Grellan

    Just getting caught up with you and a big CONGRATULATIONS for your Dublin Marathon. I really like the way you broke down the race and executed your plan so well. I can't believe the number of runners who just kind of wing it when it comes to the marathon. That distance is so unforgiving and to have a good result so many things have to go right.

    Congrats again and it looks like you are well on your way in the recovery phase.

    Boston next year?

  5. Hey, great blog. I think group numbers are the key to interval training for me. I don't love doing speed work, so being with at least one other person would be key there.
    I just finished my first 1/2 marathon, and hope to get a full marathon in for this next year.

    Here's my latest: