Sunday, 6 September 2009

Getting it all in

I had 2 running free days this week. On Thursday morning I was too tired to get up following a 5 a.m. start for my 15 mile run on Wednesday and on Sunday I was recovering from Saturday's Long run and opted instead for a long 3 hr +bike ride as I still have one more triathlon left this season.
My left plantar fascia has been tender since Thursday but not enough to prevent/affect running. It could be a delayed reaction to my barefoot recovery run on Monday which included short hill sprints - although the sprint themselves felt great and passed without a hitch. Tuesday's speed workout consisted of 2 x 2 miles @ HM pace with 0.5 miles recovery. I aimed for 6:40 pace which is what McMillan gives as my HM pace using my recent 5 mile result in Ballyccotton. I ended up with an average of 6:30 for the 4 miles - 6:35/28/34/23 tending to push the 2nd mile a little harder in anticipation of the rest at the end of it. Wednesday's 15 miler was a struggle in that I had to rise at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. to get it done before 7 as the house is in back to school mode this week. My second speed session of the week got pushed back to Friday with 2 x (10 x 400m @ 5k pace - 6 minute miles) on the programme. As I did not rise early enough and in the absence of a track I opted for 12 x 0.25 miles with 0.1 mile recoveries following a 1.5 mile warmup. The first few intervals went by a bit too fast as I was a bit too eager and am unaccustomed to doing 400's on the road. However the early fast pace did not impact too much on the latter intervals although the 0.1 mile recoveries felt all too brief. Paces were 5:47/34/49/52/37/56/58/54/51/62/51/58
Saturday's long run with Eagle AC was a carbon copy of last weeks run except that I kept to the 2h:45m time and got in a slightly longer 21.37 miles for my effort. I just managed to get over the 60 mile mark for the week, which, while over 10 miles less than last week, doesn't concern me as I got all the quality sessions in and today's long bike ride can only benefit my running.
While I think a marathon is a great test of human endurance, it pales into insignificance compared to the exploits of Lisa Cummins from Cork who next week is attempting to be the first Irish person to swim from England to France and back again. She expects to be in the water for 30 hours. I think she may be allowed to rest in France for up to 10 minutes provided she remains in water above her knees - Amazing!!!
Mon 31st Aug a.m. 7.56 miles in 01:08:10 (09:01 pace @ 158 HR) - Barefoot with 10 x 15 sec hill sprints - HR inexplicably jumped into the 160's, 170's and 180's after the 117 BPM opening mile??? p.m. 2.5 miles in 19:49 (07:56 pace - treadmill) August (Run 265 miles, Bike 152 miles, Swim 3,250m) Tue 1st Sept 8 miles in 56:56 (07:07 pace @ 142 HR) with 2 x 2 miles @ 6:30 pace avg. Wed 2nd Sept 15.02 miles in 1:55:46 (07:42 pace @ 132HR) Fri 4th Sept 6.39 miles in 49:13 (7:42 pace @ 136HR) with 12 x 0.25 miles @ 5k pace (06:00) Sat 5th Sept 21.37 miles in 01:45:01 (07:43 pace @ 131HR) Marathon Training Week #6/13 - 60.84 miles


  1. Running 400s on the road? Welcome to my world! Nice pace, even if you did slow down a tad towards the end.

    6:40 seems a bit slow for your HM pace, considering your PB is 1:24. Then again, you tend to beat your projected times, in marked contrast to me.

    I thought the triathlon season was over. But good luck anyway.

    I presume you are still on for Dublin. Have you got a time goal?

  2. Thomas, my HM PB was last year. Even for my best race this year (Bllycotton 10) McMillan only gives me a 6:36 HM pace. If only I could beat my projected marathon time!

    Sub 3:10 is my primary goal for Dublin.

  3. Good week Grellan. 3:10 looks like a reasonable target. I like reading about those super human feats of endurance. Makes what we do seem totally normal!

    Watch the uphill stuff if you have PF symptoms. I was told to run on flat ground for many weeks (which worked).

  4. HI Grellan

    Quite a solid week of training. A nice mix of distance and speedwork that should really pay off on race day. Of course you know this, but give yourself a nice easy day after all that speedwork. I think that is what puts us most at risk for injury if we don't allow our bodies to properly recover.

    Great job on the 21+ miler!