Sunday, 12 April 2009

Weekly Update

My legs felt thrashed all day Friday after my 6 mile tempo run and I was a little reticent heading out on Saturday morning for my long run. I took an easy 8 minute plus pace to begin with and felt more comfortable as the run went on. However none of the 07:30 pacing of last weeks long run as I wasn't feeling as fresh. I also took a less hilly route, running into town, along the quays and back out via Sunday's Well. I did a loop of the regional park in order to get 20 miles in. A snooze on the couch in the afternoon while the kids played on the Wii next to me was sufficient to recharge the batteries. Today was a running rest day as I opted for the 2 wheels over a hilly loop to Crossbarry. Sat 11th Apr 20 miles in 02:37:15 (07:52 pace @ 129 HR) Marathon Peak Week #2 (Run 78.5 miles, Bike 32.8 miles, Swim 3000m)


  1. That's a nice low hr for your long run. Your fitness is looking good!

  2. Nice solid week of training, I,ve found that I don't need to do my long run fast every week , I've been doing one week at a faster pace followed by a easer long run the next week and it seems to work really well.
    Happy running next week!

  3. well done last night ... you snuck that race in quietly!!