Friday, 26 December 2008

I Will Do This

.............. maybe not this next year but soon.
Irelands first long distance triathlon is happening on 23rd August 2009 and while it’s not bestowed with the M Dot (Ironman) prestige it does cover the same 140.6 mile distance and comes with the distinguished title of √Čireman, but only for the winner. Not quite as sexy as Ironman perhaps, but then again sex should be the last thing on your mind as you crawl over the finish line. What’s attractive about the event is that the course is reasonably flat compared other courses in Ireland and the event also hosts a middle distance (70.3 miles) triathlon, which I could do in 2009. I just wouldn’t have the time to train for the full distance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The weeks running is going pretty well with 10 miles on Monday , 5 on Tuesday and another 10 on the Eagle AC Christmas Eve run over the hilly Viaduct loop. I even managed to get out for a steady 10 mile run yesterday between stuffing the turkey, assembling a mario kart racing track, playing guitar hero on the Wii and driving zero gravity cars and my poor wife up the walls. The run was at a steady ("easy" for Brendan) pace of 07:30 which felt very comfortable throughout - best christmas present I could ask for. I intended getting in my long run (2.25 hrs) in today as I wanted an easy day tomorrow ahead of a 5 mile road race I want to run in Bandon on Sunday but as I got up a little late the run got postponed to later in the day and eventually it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I've now put it back until tomorrow when I have also committed to a 2hr plus cycle with Adrian. I just got interrupted by my good lady wife who informed me that she is getting up at 04:30 a.m. to go to the "Next" sale at 5:00. "Do you want to come?" she says. "Why" I ask "what do we need". "You can get things for €3" was the only response. I may just get up with her and go for that long run afterwards instead. Hope everyone is having a good holiday. Mon 22nd Dec 10.43 miles in 01:21:15 (07:48 pace no HRM) Sleep: 7hrs 7/10 Legs: 7/10 Tue 23rd Dec 5.25 miles in 45:53 (08:44 pace - no HRM) Sleep: 6.5 hrs 7/10 Legs: 6/10 (heavy) Wed 24th Dec 10.68 miles in 01:30:38 (08:29 pace - no HR) - hilly Sleep: 7hrs 7/10 Legs: 7.5/10 Thur 25th Dec 10.04 miles in 01:15:17 (07:30 pace @ 136HR) Sleep: 6/hrs 6.5/10 (Abinas phone alarm at 7 a.m. was the start of thr domino effect that is christmas morning) Legs: 8.5/10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. women are born with a gene to shop!
    don't get involved it will only lead to sorrow and empty pockets!
    the Irish triathlon looks awesome!
    wish I could swim!!!

  2. In the unlikely case that you survive the √Čireman I might start considering following in your footsteps.

    Think of going shopping with the wife as hardcore endurance training. Mile repeats are nothing in comparison.

  3. The Eireman sounds like it would be an awesome race and you would do well. The half is a great challenge in itself! As for not being an m-dot race, that's just a corporate logo!

  4. Grellan, I keep telling myself that one day, I'll do a Triathlon.

    In 2009, I'll be doing what they call Tri For Fun (1/4 mile swim, 12mile bike and 5K run). It will be in July. After watching a DVD of this year's Ironman, it appears interesting.

    Take care and Happy New Year to you!