Thursday, 4 December 2008


My brother Donogh sent me an e-mail this week:-
Subject: Solo Run You've been busy. He was back from the UK today for a few days. "You're an awful blogger" he said. He neither meant "dreadful" or "awe inspiring" (I hope) but the less common known meaning of "prolific" as in definition number 4. here Apparently his friend Diarmaid aka Miley, who ran a few races with me, had spotted my blog ..."he's even writing about me and how I got "chicked" in a race n all"......."he's getting very technical".........." was thinking of joining Eagle AC myself" etc. etc. Well Miley I hope the wedding plans are going well and that you are getting some good quality runs in for the 2009 racing season in Cork. If you want to inquire informally about joining Eagle just turn up at the CIT track at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays or Thursdays or send me an e-mail. This week..... I've managed to get a few decent mid-distance runs in this week. On Tuesday evening I had to pick Keevsa up from the Dublin train at 8:30 (school tour) and as it was raining I gave the track a miss and headed into town early instead, parking by the train station and got a decent run in - heading out to the Marina along the old unlit Monkstown/Passage rail line before turning back at the Skehard Road underpass as there was a bonfire set in the middle of it - well it was a wet old night and the local inhabitants needed a bit of warmth. However I wasn't feeling the best as my left hamstring and Achilles were quite tight and my right ankle was paining slightly (nothing serious just enough to take some of the enjoyment out of the run). Still I got just over 11.5 miles in before the train arrived. A work enforced day off on Wednesday and a good nights sleep left me feeling much better for todays early morning run over more or less the same distance. Rest is the key to recovery.
Monday 1st Dec a.m. 8.62 Miles in 01:10:25 (08:10 pace @ 133 HR) p.m. 2.5 Miles in 20:27 (08:11 pace) Treadmill Legs: 7/10 Sleep: 7 hrs 7/10 Tuesday 2nd Dec p.m. 11.63 Miles in 01:39:08 (08:31 pace @ 137 HR) Legs: 6/10 Sleep 7 hrs 7/10 Thur 4th Dec 11.69 miles in 01:37:02 (08:17 pace @ 137 HR) Legs 7/10 Sleep: 7 Hrs 7.5/10


  1. Good to see you getting back into it, but you're right about getting your rest. It sure helps to mend the niggling injuries.

  2. So right about rest being the key. I notice the 7 hour sleeps there - that's looking like many of mine. I'd like to get 8+ a night...

    Hope the niggles are nothing more, and the runs on the weekend go well.

  3. I love the photo on your title. Is that you falling?


  4. You're back putting in some good miles, what's the plan? Good luck with the rest and recovery...