Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Recovery? What Recovery.

Monday should have been a recovery day following Sundays race but my programme and temperament said otherwise. 10 miles at base pace (07:20 to 08:10) was called for and rather than head for the easy side of the pace range I covered 11.5 miles @ 7:19 pace. In my defence I had a lot on my mind and a good steady run is what is generally prescribed for such a condition. In addition my legs felt up for the job with no aches or pains left over from Sunday. However my left hip was giving some pain later in the evening and had been on and off last week as well. Feels better today though.
Today's run was a harder effort so recovery pace will have to wait until tomorrow. My first speed session of the week was mixed intervals at the track:-
Scheduled Dist, ( Scheduled Pace) - Actual Distance lane 3, time - (Actual Pace)
3,000m @ HM Pace (06:30) - 3,120m, 12:07 - (06:15)
1 Mile @ 10k Pace (06:09) - 1,664m, 06:12 - (06:00)
1,000m @ 5k Pace (05:56) - 1,040m, 03:45 - (05:48)
800m @ 3k Pace (05:40) - 832m, 02:55 - (05:38)
My target for each interval was as if I was running in Lane 1 and allowing the time to slip a bit - hence the faster initial reps. By the end of the 800 I was pretty much spent. I didn't stick rigidly to the 2 minute recoveries - walking 200m+ halfway round the track in whatever time it took me.
As my 9 year old nephew, Robert, is staying with us for a few days I took him, Ani and Saran to the track for some training with Belgooly Junior AC. I think they enjoyed messing around more than the running and jumping. "It's hard work" is all Robert could say when I asked him if he enjoyed himself. Welcome to my world.
Mon 25th Aug
11.49 Miles in 01:24:07 (07:19 Pace @ No HRM)
Sleep 8.5Hrs: 8/10
Legs: 8/10
Tue 26th Aug
7.94 Miles in 01:01:13 (07:43 Pace) incl mixed intervals of 3k to 800m @ 06:15 to 05:38 pace
Sleep 8 Hrs: 8/10
Legs: 7.5/10
As I am off work for the week I'm getting some good sleep. Perhaps this is where the bulk of the recovery is happening. Better use some of the time off to look for my HRM.
Thinking of doing another 5 miler as my second speed session of the week on Thursday. While the sechedule calls for 2 x 3.5 Miles @ HM pace I may just up the effort and reduce the distance.
Have a good week.


  1. So impressive to see how your time constantly improve. Thanks for sharing.

    What do eat for breakfast?

  2. Some days you just can't pass up a run ... anyway, with your strength, who needs a rest day? Keep running strong.

  3. Bloody hell, that's impressive running! You'll probably fall off your chair laughing once you read the times for my 1k repeats today (if I get courageous enough to reveal them, that is).

  4. Hi Grellan - great to see you're still making terrific progress. Nice workout here. I've managed to bring myself back from the dead the past few months and started the blog back up again. Keep up the great work!

  5. Good speed on those! You should take Thomas on over one mile ;)

    Running in other than lane 1 is a little harder as the splits don't mean much.

    If you did the 5 miler, I hope it was a PB!

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