Sunday, 17 August 2008

Listening to my body

Michael said after my last post that it was good that I strayed from my programme and listened to my body instead. Given that my body said I could run nearly 29 miles as opposed to the 18 scheduled last Sunday I took a bit longer to recover this week. However I stuck to my programme where I could but did not push it when I felt uncomfortable.
Monday's recovery run with Brendan in the park at lunchtime was the slowest in a long time - legs achy all over especially my left hamstring.
However I was still pretty ok to churn out some of my 6 x 1km @ 5k pace (with 3 min recoveries) on the track Tuesday evening. I said I would cover at least 3 and then completed the 4th - the effort feeling tougher each time. As I didn't like the number 4 I decided to give the 5th rep a go (pace dropping slightly). As I was so close I decided to complete the 6th at an easier pace (9 seconds off target).
Following Wednesday's recovery run I decided I was not recovered enough to do my scheduled 5.5 Miles @ 10k pace on Thursday and so postponed it until Friday replacing it with a base pace run over 8.6 miles.
While I did not feel 100% on Friday morning I still managed to finish my scheduled 5.5 miles @ 10k pace (well not quite 10k pace). I thought about cutting the fast miles back to 3.5 or 4.5 tops. Mr Garmin refused to turn on so I reverted to my stopwatch - hitting the lap button at known landmarks at 2, 4.6 and 5.6 miles in 13:00 (06:30 pace), 30:09 (06:33 pace) & 36:36 (06:32 pace overall). The run was the strongest of the week covering 8.6 miles in 01:00:08 (the fastest i've completed that loop).
Saturday was another base pace run over the same 8.6 mile loop. The week and last Sunday's long run finally caught with me this morning when I headed out on a 17 mile progression run - first 9 miles @ 08:00 pace and last 8 getting faster by 10 seconds a mile to end up at 06:40 for the final mile. To be quite honest my legs were stiff from the start as it was more uncomfortable than usual to keep the 8:00 pace over the first 9 miles (01:12:05 - 5 seconds over) and at the time I thought of just doing all 17 miles @ 8:00 pace, if I could. However I decided to stick to the plan until I could continue no further - expecting to get maybe 4 progression miles down to 07:20 pace and maybe hold that pace for a while. Well I hung in there for 6 miles and initially, at least the achiness in my legs subsided. The progression went like this:-
(target) Actual
(07:50) - 07:51
(07:40) - 07:36
(07:30) - 07:27
(07:20) - 07:14
(07:10) - 07:05 - tough uphill.
(07:00) - 06:45 - decided it was the last mile so I pushed the pace a bit more.
(06:50) - ?????
(06:40) - ?????
The last 2 miles home were a slow slog @ 08:30+ pace as there was nothing left in my legs. Actually they felt worse than they did after last weeks long run - The urge to stop and walk was all-consuming. I They are still achy and uncomfortable to walk on 8 hours later so I may take tomorrow off. I will use the coming cutback week to recover. Schedule 10k race in the programme for next Sunday but nothing happening on the day but the week after has a couple of 5 milers.
Mon 11th Aug 6:05 Miles in 54:37 (09:01 pace @ 118 HR) Recovery Sleep 7 hrs: 7/10 Legs: 5.5/10 Tue 12th Aug 9.55 Miles in 01:15:18 (07:53 Pace @ 141 HR) with 6 x 1k in 03:47/49/49/50/51/59 Sleep 7 hrs 7/10 Legs: 7.5/10 Wed 13th Aug 7.02 Miles in 01:01:00 (08:41 pace @ 117 HR) Sleep 7 hrs: 7/10 Legs 6/10 Thur 14th Aug 8.60 Miles in 01:08:43 (07:59 pace @ 126 HR) Sleep 7 hrs: 7/10 Legs 7/10 Fri 15th Aug 8.6 Miles in 01:00:08 (07:00 pace @ No HRM) with 5.6 miles @ 06:32 pace Sleep 6.5 hrs: 7/10 Legs 8/10 Sat 16th Aug 8.6 Miles in 01:06:02 (07:40 pace @ 136 HR) Sleep 7.5 hrs: 7/10 Legs: 7/10 Sun 17th Aug 17.09 Miles in 02:14:12 (07:51 pace @ No HRM) progression run over 6 miles 07:50-06:45 pace Sleep 8 hrs: 7/10 Legs: 5.5/10 Marathon week 7/16 - 65.5 Miles.


  1. Still some excellent mileage after that 29 mile beast. Well done.

  2. Those progression runs sound hard.

    Nice job with the 1ks - I should try those again once it warms up a bit.

  3. I guess your times for the tempo runs and the 1000s will serve as a target pace for my own training runs.

    Btw. the really long training runs can be great, but be careful. I ran over 27 miles 4 weeks before the Connemara Ultra and now think that it hurt my performance there. On the other hand, that run and the ultra itself were probably the reason why I could finish so well in Cork.

  4. Grellan,

    the 5 miler on Sunday is in Liscarroll, 1 pm start.

    There's a copy of a flyer on John Desmond's site.

  5. Keep up with the training, well done with the repeats.

  6. Keep up with the training, well done with the repeats.

  7. Great job on those repeats, especially after the over-distance run. Well done on both!