Thursday, 17 April 2008

Mind Games

5.30 am - woke up "you can always do this tempo run tomorrow, six hours sleep last night and five the night before - you'll never get through it & what's the point in a botched run when you could have stayed in bed". 5.35 - on with the running gear "You can always swap the run for an easy run, do the tempo run tomorrow and still keep the mileage up" 5.50 - out the door after some dynamic stretching "2 miles warm-up followed by 2 x 3.75 miles @ HM pace - who are you kidding" 6.06 - 2 warm-up miles in "I can always call it a day if i'm fucked after the first mile" 6.24 - somewhere "I might extend the first leg to 4 miles and make the return leg easier or if I can't do the return leg, 4 miles aint bad" 6.34 - 4.25 fast miles (6:34 pace average) "Good work, At least I only have 3.25 on the return leg, you'll never keep the pace up though" 6.39 - 0.5 recovery miles "Here we go only 3.25 mile of stress - what’s that 20 minutes, 21......left to suffer" 6.49 - somewhere "so tired - you can always stop at 2 miles, go on - no one could blame you - everyone bags a run once in a while - go on give yourself a break" 7.00 - 3.25 fast miles (06:31 pace) "Fair play you held in there to the end - good mornings work". 7.17 - Home (12.15 miles total) It's funny the crap we put up with from ourselves - I wouldn't accept that sort of negative talk from anyone else. Tue 15th Apr 8.14 Miles in 01:04:07 (07:53 pace) with 3,000m @ 06:13 pace (156HR) 2,000m @ 06:04 pace (163HR) 1,000m @ 05:48 pace (164HR) 800m @ 05:31 pace (164HR) Wed 16th Apr 8.59 Miles in 01:14:23 (08:39 pace @ 124HR) Recovery Thur 17th Apr 12.15 Miles in 01:27:27 (07:11 pace @ 144HR) with 4.25 miles @06:35 pace (150HR) & 3.25 miles @06:31 pace (156HR) 2.5 Miles in 21:00 (08:24 pace) - recovery on the treadmill at lunchtime (no place for Mr Garmin)


  1. I'm glad to hear that you put your devil in his place. Pesky little bugger isn't he? Great workouts lately. How's the new toy?

  2. Funny how Mr Garmin doesn't like running on the treadmill.

    You did it... one more step towards beating Thomas by 3 minutes in the half :)

  3. Nice work, Grellan. I guess your HM race pace could be as low as 6:30, though.

    Are you getting addicted to the Garmin yet?

    Ewen, you're full of s...

  4. That's funny Thomas. I thought "sense" had 5 letters.

  5. Thomas, 06:30 HM pace may be possible on a flat course but Bantry is far from flat.

    Ewen, send the running socks (also 5 letters) to Thomas, I'll pick them up from him in Bantry.