Thursday, 10 April 2008

Deja Vu

Recovery from the 10k race on Sunday has gone quite well with no interruption to my training programme. Following 8.6 recovery miles on Monday morning I headed to the track on Tuesday evening for a "mixed interval" workout - moving from the longer/slower to the shorter/faster end of the spectrum. While I set my 200m splits as if I was running in lane1 I allowed myself go over on time by a few seconds to allow for the fact that I was running in lane 3. Despite initial fatigue following the first long interval my legs recovered well so that I was able to complete the session without too much stress - however it certainly was tougher than the 1k intervals of the last 4 week training cycle. Dist, (target pace) - actual pace - HR 3,000m @ HM pace(06:30) - 06:19 - 156 1,600m @ 10k pace(06:09) - 06:04 - 159 1,000m @ 5k pace (05:56) - 05:47 - 156 800m @ 3k pace (05:40) - 05:35 - 156 As recoveries were longer than the scheduled 2 minutes (closer to 3 mins) my average HR's were relatively low. My recovery run on Wednesday morning went quite well - I'm feeling less muscle fatigue during these runs than I felt a few months ago. The second speed session of the week called for "Cruise Intervals" 2 x 3.5 miles @ HM pace (06:30). As I struggled with trying to achieve a pace of 06:30 for my 10k pace tempo runs a few weeks back I was not too concerned about keeping pace and settled for 06:50 or less if I could. So following a 2 mile warmup I set off on the first 3.5 miles keeping to a relatively flat course(Aldi in Ballincollig to the Kingsley Hotel on the Straight Road - more or less the finish point of last Sundays 10k). The pace I kept was reasonably comfortable as I was conscious of the fact that I would have to turn around and repeat the same effort after an easy 0.5 mile recovery. I reached the end of the first 3.5 miles in 24:01 (06:52 pace) a bit slower than I expected. My legs felt quite fresh during the 0.5 mile recovery and so I upped the effort slightly on the return leg, which was into a cold breeze). While the effort was harder and did involve a mild uphill past Carrigrohane I maintained a good pace and completed the 3.5 return miles in 23:24 (06:41 pace). I felt reasonably fresh during the 2 mile recovery, more so than after the faster tempo runs (06:26 - 06:36) of the previous weeks. All-in-all a good run. Mon 7th Apr 8.6 Miles in 01:11:10 (08:18 pace @ 121 HR) Tue 8th Apr 7.1 miles with Mixed Intervals of 3k, 1.6k, 1k & 0.8k @ HM, 10k, 5k & 3k pace. Wed 9th Apr 8.6 Miles in 01:08:25 (07:57 pace @ 126 HR) Thur 10th Apr 11.5 Miles in 01:24:12 (07:19 pace @ 141 HR) with 2 x 3.5 Miles @ 06:41-06:52 pace.


  1. Keep up with the long tempo runs; I think they are crucial to marathon preparation. Your training has been progressing nicely. I�m eagerly looking forward to see how you make out on race day.

    Say, how is your head, are you still mentally in the game? The reason I ask, is that with London this weekend, I�ve been reflecting on my training for the race last year. In hindsight, I was over trained and mentally spent come race day. Take care, and keep the fire burning.

  2. Hi Grellan

    Nice work on the speedy stuff. You are getting so much faster it is unbelievable.

    Best of luck.

  3. You did well with that session Grellan. 6.4k of faster paced stuff is pretty big. By the way, can I borrow that 3000m? ;)

  4. Great set of workouts. You are getting noticeably stronger and faster. I'm also keen to see what you do in the next big race.