Friday, 8 February 2008


Thur 7th Feb No run today as I had to get up even earlier (0515hrs) than my usual running time to catch the early flight to Dublin for work. Fri 8th Feb 8.6 Miles in 01:05:14 (07:35 pace @ 142 HR) with 4 x 2 min @ 3k pace in the first 4 miles. (turned out slightly faster @ 05:30 to 05:40 pace). Felt tired at start but felt stronger once the fast reps were over. These fartlek runs will be replaced by 1 mile intervals @ 10k pace over the coming weeks. Went to physio before work - no issues. May do a few km on the treadmill this evening.

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  1. I rather enjoy those fartlek runs but need to have it laid out for me and could never managed doing it free-form. It's fun to stretch it out and know it's only short.