Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Long Long Long Run

The most important part of my marathon training is certainly my long run. I feel that it is endurance more than anything else that I am and have generally been lacking. While I certainly have been racing quite a bit over the last 2 months and there are a few more "unnecessary" races to come I should be concentrating on my endurance training. Having said all that I have completed all the marathon training programmed endurance runs to-date with a few extra miles thrown in. My marathon training programme endurance run for week 9 out of 24 called for 14 miles - I did 20 because I forgot what it was like. Now that I know I wonder why all that preparation is put into one race when I could train at relatively lower mileage and compete more often in shorter races up to 15 miles that don't require carb-loading, energy gels, nipple plasters, blister packs, walking down stairs backwards .....the list goes on. Maybe it is for those very reasons that I do! Fri 15th Feb 2.5 miles in 19:45 (07:54 pace @ ??HR) Treadmill at the Gym at lunchtime. Nice sleep-in. Sat 16th Feb 11.4 Miles in 01:25:34 (07:30 pace @ 138 HR) RHR @ 37 bpm. Not bad after a late night (in bed for 0250 hrs). Sun 17th Feb 20.0 Miles in 02:42:23 (08:07 pace @ 130 HR) - return of the long run => Fatigue - mental more than physical. (well both really). I was so hungry when I got home (could think of nothing else for the last 4 miles) I wolfed down my breakfast so fast I got a bad stomach cramp - doubled over in pain for a few minutes.
Week 9/24 - 66.9 Miles


  1. Great long run. I always eat 1hr before I run and right after the run too (within 20 minutes is best). Makes a big difference and yes don't forget the bandaids and the vaseline!

  2. There is something alluring about the marathon distance isn't there? It's just beyond a comfortable distance no matter how much you train which, of course, makes it challenging and fun. We could run shorter races but it wouldn't be the same. Good luck on your BQ quest! Looks like you are awfully close and will make it in no time.

  3. Been there, done that - those are the reasons why I don't ;) Hey, you forgot to mention sleeping the afternoon of a long run!

    Doing well at any event is challenging. I admire Herb Elliot (who never ran a marathon) just as much as Steve Moneghetti. A bit ironic that Mona said he admires the 4hr+ marathoners more than the sub-2:30 people.