Monday, 9 March 2015

Marathon Training Week 8 of 9

With the long runs and long marathon pace speedwork sessions in the bag the key workout of the penultimate week, 11 days out from Barcelona, involved 5/6 miles at LT Pace (10 Mile) between a mile of warm-up and cool-down. I assume the idea is to reduce volume and increase speed in order to get a bit of last minute pep into the legs. As I had missed the fastest sessions of my training programme in Week 5 (5 x 1 mile @ 10k pace followed by a HM race) I know I am behind the curve as far as speed-work is concerned. With this in mind I was a bit concerned that I would not hit the target pace, but I was there or thereabouts, perhaps overcooking it on the earlier reps, leaving me a bit wanting towards the end. I kept to 5 fast miles as I knew that 6 would be pushing the boundary too much. Not much to do now except to count down the days.

March 2015  - Week 8 of 9
June 2013  - Week 9 of 10
Session # 1 – 5/6 x 1 Mile @ LT (10 Mile) Pace
The last hard session of the training programme and where else could I go but the straight road where I have experienced most of the pain in the build up for Barcelona. My 10 mile PB pace is 6:14 but i'd be happy with anything in the 6:20 range (close enough to my HM paced runs a few week back).
The first three fast miles were heading east with a slight tailwind (I think) and went well in 6:11/07/18 and the last two heading home were in 6:14/20. I had decided that 5 repeats were enough and the slowing pace for the last rep (I had to push the last 1/4 mile to get the pace from 6:23 to 6:20 avg) was enough to confirm that. Done and dusted. No HRM.
10.02 miles in 1:13:54 (7:22 pace, No HRM) with 5 x 1 Mile in 6:11/07/18/14/20.
With a 2:56:01 Marathon at the start of Week 9 needless to say the planned speed session was canned.
Recovery from last Monday's marathon paced "training run" went quite well with a slow recovery 6 mile run on grass on Tuesday. In fact most of my running this week has been on grass with heavy legs for a few days but no niggles or DOMs.
Session # 2 – 10 to 12 Miles Slow with 6 x 100m @ 5k Pace.
I took it slow this time out – no issues.
11.4 Miles in 1:36:21 (8:28 pace @ Avg 117 Hr (616 Hb/Km)
I deferred Friday's "long run" until Saturday morning so that I could join the 7:30 pace Club run, only to show up half an hour late. I ran the route in reverse so as to meet up with the group and return with them. The pace was a little faster than planned, hitting 7:13 average over 12.28 miles on a beautiful sunny morning.


  1. Best of luck in Barca Grellan. Another great race in prospect for you, just hold the head and you will be fine

    1. Cheers Cathal. looking forward to it now but no great expectations.

  2. Nice going Grellan - definitely on target for a great marathon at Barcelona.

    1. Thanks Ewen. The work is done so all I have to do now is believe.

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    1. Cheers Diarmaid. You back running/racing?