Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Year That Was

2,588 Miles

17 Marathons/Ultras

4 PB's

    • 5k - 17:57 (28th May)
    • 10k - 37:52 (28th June)
    • Marathon - 2:54:35 (15th June), 2:56:01 (3rd June)
    • 100 Miles - 16:22:08 (9th August)

2 Wins

    • Leixlip Midnight Marathon
    • Connemara 100

1 Prize


Roll on 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. That trophy is a beauty! 17 marathons/ultras is quite a year!

  2. Running wise a great year for you Grellan, not surprised considering your commitment and intelligent training, as your sister said that's pure class, best wishes for 2014 K

  3. Pure class alright! Happy New Year!

  4. Nice to see it all set out like that. You'd have to be happy with that year! Can't see why 2014 won't be more of the same. As Keith above said a lot of it comes down to intelligent training. Keep listening to yourself! ;)

  5. unstoppable. hope this form continues into 2014. all the best to you and yours grellan.

  6. Damn good year Grellan! Love the sub-18 5k and the 2:56/54 double. And the trophy - "straight to the pool room" for that one. Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out.