Tuesday, 14 May 2013


With nothing on the cards for my track session this Tuesday I decided to run a 5 mile MAFF evaluation run. Not the best timing perhaps, just 3 days after a race. Still, a good improvement, as I would have expected, given my weight loss since my earlier evaluations.

My best evaluation from previous years was a 34:17 five miler @ 140.6 average heartrate back in August 2011 - equivalent to 599 Hb/Km - so, allowing for a 2 BPM reduction in Maximum Heartrate due to increasing age, I have been able to maintain my perk aerobic capacity in terms of pace, partly (if not primarily) due to reducing my weight (about 2 kg in this case).


  1. Wow - that's a significant improvement. I'm sure it'll translate into a PB marathon.

    The weight loss brings to mind a study I read about in Runner's World many years ago - found that for every 1kg of 'excess' body weight lost, 10k times improve by 30 seconds per kilometre.

    1. Hardly 30 seconds per km? That would be 5 minutes for 10 km!!!

  2. Pretty damn good - those are great figures!

  3. Yes very impressive improvements, looking good!

  4. Impressive gains over the last 4 weeks; your training is certainly paying dividends