Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stuck in Gear

My 4th MAFF Test at the track this evening hasn't demonstrated any improvement in my aerobic base over the last 6 weeks, which is disappointing. The only (slight) improvement has been in the drift in pace from Mile 1 to 5.

It could be due to the cold weather, particularly as my HR monitor was showing 173 during my warmup and was a bit erratic even after it settled down, during the first mile - but even if I discount the higher heart rate for this mile my average heartbeats per km would reduce to 623 - still well short of where it should I want it to be.

It could be due to my recent diet changes (see previous post), although I did have a light meal 2 hours beforehand and did not notice an lack of energy during the session.

I'm not too worried yet as I have another month before commencing race specific training, so i'll give it another go in a few weeks.


  1. Has your weight gone up over the same period? Are you still running the same amount of miles in MAF hr zone during training?

  2. Same weight and training Ewen - more or less.

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