Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Back In The Saddle

While i'm certain my body is still recovering from Connemara, i'm more or less back to where I was before the race. My resting HR a week after the event was 36, up 2 BPM from the lowest recorded before the race - I actually fell back to sleep while recording it and 36 BPM was the average over 75 minutes, so it should be a fairly accurate reflection of the lowest my HR goes during the night. My legs felt a bit dead and heavy at times as the muscles completed the process of repair and rejuvenation but that is more or less over.

I returned to my longs runs straight away using a reverse taper regime, going from 15 miles a week after the race to 20 milers over the last two weekends. My return to speedwork has been more cautionary with my track session last week consisting of 5 x 1 mile repeats at 6:46 pace (7:00 in lane 3), which was enough to challenge my system without courting injury. My plan this week was to step up to the next pace group doing 6:17 target pace (6:30 in lane 3) and see how I got on. While I was a bit aprehensive before the session - always the case before track intervals - I completed 5 repeats without too much difficulty and was even presuaded by Pat to throw in another one - no bother. Although I had no time left for my usual warmdown. An encouraging session and a clear indication that my speed is never too far away.

To complete the core week of 2 speed session and 1 long run (the rest is only filler, depending on where you're heading - more for a marathon/ultra and less for 5k/10k) I returned to running steady/tempo runs in the Vibrams last Thursday covering just under 9 miles at 6:46 pace - for some reasons the Vibrams make me want to run faster. This regime should keep me ticking over until I decide what's my next target with pacing in Limerick and Cork to keep me occupied in the interim.

I also returned to the bike after an absence of 2 months getting 35 miles in @ 17.6 MPH on Sunday of last week, just about managing to keep the saddle sores at bay - a lot needed to reawaken my bike legs. 

Thur 12th April - 5.28 miles in 40:30 (7:40 pace - Easy run)

Sat 14th April - 20.75 miles in 2:44:03 (7:54 pace @ 126 HR - Long run)

 Mon 16th April - 8.07 miles in 58:24 (7:14 pace @ 135 HR - Easyish run)

Tue 17th April - 7.14 miles in 1:00:37 (8:29 pace - with 5 x 1 mile @ 6:46 pace - Interval)

Thur 19th April - 8.78 miles in 59:30 (6:46 pace @ 143 HR - Steady run)

Sat 21st April - 20 miles in 2:23:07 (7:09 pace @ 145 HR - Long run)

Mon 23rd April - 10.78 miles in 1:19:15 (7:29 pace @ 127 HR - Easy run)

Tue 24th April - 8.1 miles in 1:05:00 (8:01 pace - with 6 x 1 mile @ 6:17 pace - Interval)


  1. Thanks for sharing this to us, great ideas and information shared. Looking forward for more updates. Nice post too, you had such a great training for marathon.

  2. You've bounced back quickly and well Grellan. Nice times on Tuesday's mile repeats. Funny you saying about the Vibrams making you feel like you want to run faster - I'm finding the same thing with the Kinvaras.

  3. Good to see ya back in the bike and recovering well Grellan must try the vibrams myself sometime.