Sunday, 5 December 2010

Move Along

Life is like an endurance event, an Ultra perhaps - sometimes it feels great and you're on top of the world and at other times you struggle and don't see the point in going on. The only difference perhaps is the form the euphoria or pain takes. The battle as always is to get through the pain, accept it, learn to live with and move along. One thing's for sure it doesn't go away, you just embrace it and make it part of who you are. What helps get you through is support, be it from family and friends or total strangers along the road - a word of encouragement here a helping hand there.

The last month has seen more pain than normal with the passing of my mother on 16th November after a long slow deterioration over the last few years. While she may have died a thousand deaths as she slowly faded from the woman I knew it wasn't until she took her last breath that the finality of it sinks in.

Joan McGrath 1935 - 2010
Needless to say my running has been up in the air since the end of October, with mileage for the last 5 weeks totalling 3, 5, 12, 27 & 51 as I gradually get back into it.


  1. Really sorry to learn about your sad news. Hoping you and yours find the courage and strength to cope with this. Thinking about you. Hugs

  2. Sorry about your loss Grellan will say a prayer for ye hope ye are doing ok.

  3. They say time heals but I know you never forget. It's been 2+ years since my Mom passed and it's still hard. Hang in there Grellan.

  4. Really sad to hear the news, Grellan. Hope you and your family are doing okay. Hang in there.

  5. Sorry for your loss. Wonderful photo - it's as if her her soul is glowing.

  6. Sad news, sorry for the loss of your mother.
    i lost my own mother 12 years ago, so i have an understanding of the pain your going through right now.
    with time the pain does ease.
    try to remember the happy times you had together and she will never be far away.
    yes lovely photo.
    Best wishes
    p.s. get out and run when you can, it helped me I know.

  7. I'm so sorry Grellan. She looks beautiful and full of vitality in that photo. The loss of a parent has to be one of the toughest of life's hurdles. Glad you're getting the running moving along again. Take care.

  8. I'm so sorry to read that, Grellan. I had been wondering what was up, but hoped it wouldn't be as bad news as that.

  9. You express the facts of life well Grellan. Certainly is hard to see the point sometimes.

    Your Mother's photo makes her look proud and strong just how I want my kids to see me. You hold on to that.

    all the best in this period.

  10. The photo of your mom captures a wonderful spirit. I’m sorry for your loss.

  11. Sorry to hear about your loss Grellan. Painful as it is you have the benefit of being a aparent yourself so you can understand your mother's pride in all she achieved through you and her family.

  12. Really sorry to hear the sad news. I Can't imagine how hard it is. Nice picture and the above commenst are right memories are never going away.

    Sebastien Locteau