Friday, 4 June 2010


With the Cork marathon 3 days away I was unsure how I should train over the weekend. However I learned today that I am now covering the 3:45 pacing slot (8:35 minute miles) given that there were no pacers for this time. This makes it easier for me to train through the event treating the marathon as a slightly longer than usual long run at an easier pace than normal. Having said that I won't do anything stupid over the weekend.
I did go out for a steady session on the bike this evening pushing on the hills covering 21.3 miles at 3:02 pace avg followed by a steady 5 mile run at 6:58 pace avg - coming off the bike I always run faster than I think I am. With my first tri 2 weeks away I don't feel too apprehensive - although it is my first sprint event (750m swim, 20k cycle & 5k run) which will require more speed than endurance - i'm still in endurance mode - it'll be all over before I know it.
Good luck to all those running the Cork Marathon/Relay on Monday. Hope my pacing will be of help. If you are using a pacer to get your goal please remember the pacers will be running to chip time (not clock time) so the strategy is to "start behind the pacers and finish in front of them"

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  1. That's good - it considerably lessens the chances of me being caught by your group!

    See you there - at the start, that is.