Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Stepping Up a Gear

One of the reasons I didn't run the Mallow 10 miler last Sunday was that I didn't want to interrupt my track training too much particularly as we were upping the interval from 6:20 to 6:00 miles this evening. The other reason was the 23 mile long run on Saturday - no point in running Mallow if I was not racing it. I could always run 10 miles from home - and that's what I did. So with an unintentional day off yesterday (too many pints of the black stuff on Sunday evening) my legs should have been fairly fresh this evening for the challenge, although I had soffened them up a bit with 5 miles on the trteadmill at lunchtime. Coach's instructions were 3 x 6:12 miles (93 second laps) but we decided that 90 was an easier figure to remember. There was 4 of us in all (Kevin, Paul, John and myself) I had left the garmin at home (still ran with the HR strap Doh!) and was relying on Kevin to get me through.
Mile 1 in 6:02 - ok but had to pick it up during the last 800 to get on target. Mile 2 in 5:52 - I had led out and overcompensated particularly chasing down the other pacing groups during lap 3. Still felt good though. Mile 3 in 5:50 - Paul led out with no watch and I kept on his heels. Coach said that we should have stuck to the target 6:00 pace and that if we were feeling energetic we should add miles as opposed to increase pace, which made sense. So John, Paul and I headed out for a 4th mile and kept pretty much to target - Mile 4 in 5:58. That makes 4 miles in 23:42. I thnik we'll go for the sub 30 five miles next week. It's not entirely new territory as I had done 5 x 6 minute mile repeats in December but the recoveries were a minute longer at 3 minutes. Tue 9th Feb 5.0 miles in 39:40 (07:56 pace - Treadmill) 8.0 miles approx with 4 x 1 mile in 6:02/5:52/50/58.


  1. Interesting blog!!



  2. That's a savage workout! I remember the only time I ran a sub-6 mile in a mile repeat. I ended up quitting halfway through the next mile, I just could not take it any more.

    Don't forget to taper for Barcelona in all the excitement.

  3. Nice times (well done)... smart coach too. Keep at it!

  4. Hi Grellan,

    Link to that race in Waterford below:

    Also keep a training log on boards.ie myself if ya fancy a look sometime:


  5. That's a great set of 4 x 1 miles. I'd be shouting the VBs for a week if I could race one in under 6 minutes!

  6. Impressive mile repeats. I struggled to do six Yasso 800s at that pace the other evening. The generous 3 mins recovery I allow mean I can do alot of 'em but I would not be able for mile repeats at that pace!

  7. Stepping up for sure! I'll be expecting good things the next time you put your racing shoes on...