Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Day

A beautiful sunny day as I headed out for a hilly fartlek run and this came on the iPOD. I never quite made my long endurance run yesterday as I had spent the previous day in Waterford at a family get together, which involved an entirely different pacing strategy with pints of Guinness. However I did go on a "recovery" run of just under 12 miles at a respectable pace, which brought me to the end of 2009 with 2,370 miles under my belt. That's marginally down on the 2,440 miles in 2008 and 2,467 in 2007 (pretty consistent really). Goes to show that I don't need high mileage (yet) to improve my marathon time, which for me was the best result of the year. I also had PB's at 4 miles (by 44 seconds), 5 miles (by 40 seconds) and 10 miles (5 seconds) but the great 2008 performances at 10K and HM remain unbeaten. That's enough of the stats. Hopefully tomorrow morning (weather permitting) i'll do that long run that I've been all talk about. Mon 28th Dec 5.9 miles in 44:03 (07:28 pace @ 135HR) - Steady run Tue 29th Dec 5 miles in 38:38 (07:44 pace - Treadmill) Wed 30th Dec No miles - The garmin was no good at keeping track of the Guinness Thur 31st Dec 11.78 miles in 1:29:10 (07:34 pace @ 136HR) December (Run 238.9 miles, Bike 33 miles, Swim 2,000m) 2009 (Run 2,370 miles, Bike 1,361 miles, Swim 44.5 miles) Fri 1st Jan 8.01 miles in 1:03:40 (7:57 pace @ 142HR) Hilly Fartlek. .


  1. That's not a bad result for 2009 after you injury problems at one stage, and 44 seconds over 4 miles is nothing short of spectacular.

    Is Barcelona going to be a glorified training run for Connemara, or is Connemara an afterthought to the spring training program? Or a you seriously considering racing both?

  2. Nice work on the running (and also the Guinness). Hope you get in that long run!

  3. "Goes to show that I don't need high mileage (yet) to improve my marathon time"

    Yes you're right, it's just a matter of keeping running without getting hurt and we tend to improve over time but there will come a day were the only way to improve times is to up the mileage and then we all have to make our own decision.

    That song must be good to run to :)

  4. Thomas the 4 mile PB was a soft target.

    At the moment I am thinking seriously of racing both Barcelona and Connemara - although i'm not sure I'd call it "racing Connemara" as have never ran 39.3 miles (perhaps "finishing as best I can" would be more appropriate)