Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Bit of a Non Runner

This week, the final week of hard(est) effort - the peak week with the toughest workouts has been a bit of a non-runner. Monday was fine - I got out for about 11.5 miles but the run felt stale with my left hamstring and glute achy and the perceived effort yielding a less than satisfactory pace. A 1km swim in the evening, on the other hand went quite well. As Tuesday progressed I felt a touch of a cold coming on with a general feeling of achyness and shivers all over, which, coupled with evening rain, was excuse enough for me to cancel the mixed intervals at the track. I kept this excuse for Wednesday also despite feeling much better. This morning however I broke the spell and got out for a tempo run of 2 x 3 Miles @ HM pace (the programme said 2 x 4.5 - but time was not on my side and that was all the excuse I needed). The outbound 3 miles went according to plan in 06:27, 06:29 @ 06:28 - but I was glad I was resting after the 3. During the half mile recovery I decided (quite rashly) that as I had cut the number of fast miles I would keep the sub-06:30 pace for the 3 home bound miles (It's great what you can plan from the relative comfort of a sub-145 HR) Unfortunately the 3 home bound miles went something like this:- 0 - 0.5 Miles @ 06:19 pace 0.75 miles - still at 06:20 pace - plunged into the darkness of the straight road - cars headlights coming against me on my side of the road - stepping onto the footpath - couldn't see a bloody thing until the car was near - had to slow right down until car had passed - nearly twisted my ankle on one occasion - difficult to get back on pace - repeat every 40 seconds. 1 mile in 06:35. Back to street lighting by 1.75 miles - mile pace @ 7:00 (felt like walking) finished mile 2 in 07:01. Mile 3 was somewhat better @ 06:45 to give 06:47 avg for the return leg. Overall 6 miles @ 06:38 pace, which looks better. On the plus side my left hamstring and glute felt much better although I did feel stiffness throughout the day. On reflecting on the elites marathon pace after last Sundays world record in Berlin I tried to put it into perspective - Mcmillan says I could run an 800m race (assuming proper training) in just a tad over 2:22 which is a second slower than what Mr Gebrselassie covered his 52.5 x 800m last Sunday. I.e. running flat out I would have kept with the leaders for less than half a mile before collapsing - that surely puts me in my box.
Mon 29th Sept 11.49 Miles in 01:31:11 (07:56 Pace @ 128 HR) Sleep 6.5hrs: 7/10 Legs: 6/10 Tue 30th Sept 2.5 Miles in 20;00 (08:00 Pace - Treadmill) Thur 1st Oct 10;02 Miles in 01:12:29 (07;14 Pace @ 151HR) with 2 x 3 Miles @ 06:28 & 06:47 Pace. Sleep - 6hrs: 7/10 Legs 7/10


  1. I like the sound of a 52.5 x 800 (no recovery) interval session!! Is that your proposed alternative to the yasso 800s?? You should try it in Amsterdam!! :)

  2. I think running in the dark is hard enough without dealing with cars and getting run off the road. You're holding your own pretty well despite the challenges. Sweet taper soon!

  3. "I could run an 800m race (assuming proper training) in just a tad over 2:22 which is a second slower than what Mr Gebrselassie covered his 52.5 x 800m last Sunday"

    Is that your way of telling us that you won't be going for the world record in two weeks time?

  4. 16 days and counting, I love it! I'll be living vicariously through you and Thomas in your various races. Stay smart and make sure you get in the recovery.

    All the best in the next few weeks.

  5. Its good that you have made it safely to the end of your hard training, i had a nagging feeling that the brain training program might bring you to a early peak, what with the two very demanding interval sessions each week.
    hope the race this weekend goes well, You may not be able to run as fast as Gebralassie but you can try to imagine running with his smooth relaxed style!

  6. I know all about slower than planned tempo runs, as you're aware. Maybe you should find a less busy road, straight or not.

    You might not break the world record, but you might stay within an hour of it.

  7. I hope the cold is just a passing glitch in the preparation.

    Thomas is right - within an hour of that WR would be something! As for me, my last session was 37-38s for 200s and Geb runs 210 of them in 35.2 seconds!

  8. Grellan - I am glad you didn't end up as a hood ornament!

    Perhaps you should hold off on the WR pace until the last 800m in Amsterdam.

    Glad the cold has passed.