Monday, 16 June 2008

Weekly Update

Now that I'm training for three sports I haven't much time left for anything else - like blogging. Well not quite, just busy at home and work. The weekly training included about 2 miles of swimming, 15.78 miles of running and 69.7 miles of cycling as follows:- Mon 9th June Day Off Tue 10th June Run 5.25 Miles in 41:42 (7:57 Pace @ No HRM) Wed 11th June Swim 2km in the pool - 80 lengths I haven't done one of those in a couple of years and probably just once. I passed 1,500m in 30:30 and upped the pace slightly over the last 500m to come in at 40:05 for the 2km (32:15 per mile or 20:03 per Km). Thur 12th June Cycle & Run brick Cycle 11.7 Miles in 37:55 (18.5 MPH @ 132 HR) Run 5.24 Miles in 41:54 (07:49 @ 141 HR) - legs a bit like jelly at the start - felt like I was running in slow motion despite the fact that it was sub-8 minute pace. Fri 13th June Cycle 35.5 Miles in 01:51:00 (19.2 MPH @ No HRM) hard effort with Adrian and Robert from work. Overall time was actually 01:56:55 but we took a 5 minute break after 18 odd miles. It's easier to push the pace when cycling with others. Sat 14th June am 5.29 Mile run in the park in 41:59 (07:56 Pace @ 131 HR) Took the kids to Inchydoney (where I grew up) for the day (my Dad's month's mind) and went for a swim in the afternoon to try out my new wetsuit. Never swam in one before (dived alright though - years ago). The water was fairly cold at the start as I could only keep my head down for a few seconds before my brain began to freeze but after a while I acclimatised and covered about 500m in all before returning to the kids. My biggest difficulty was removing the damn suit afterwards. Sun 15th June am - cycle 22.5 miles with Adrian with some reasonable hills thrown in - 01:21:49 (16.5 MPH & 137 HR) pm - swim in Inniscarra lake with tri-athlete neighbours James and Eamon - much warmer that the sea and perfectly calm - covered about 700m across and back the lake - beautiful evening and leisurely swim - no timing. I'd want to practice taking off the suit though - the lads were dressed by the time I got the suit off (could lose serious time in T1) I started this week with a more traditional early moring run

Mon 16th June

Run 8.59 Miles in 01:06:48 (07:47 pace @ 140HR)


  1. Grellan,
    I think you are a natural at the tri! Most events have "strippers" to help you get out of your suit. Let them grab the suit, fall backwards and before you know it you're out and on your way to T1. Great week of training.

  2. That's pretty good swimming for a novice. I still think you're crazy for swimming in water that freezes your brain!

  3. Hi Grellan

    Congrats again on your great success at Cork. Training in swimming and biking will almost certainly help your running.

    Best of luck.

  4. That's an impressive start to your tri training. Maybe you should take that up instead of trying to humiliate me on the road?

    Ewen, freezing water is the only water you get in Ireland unless you opt to swim in your own bath tub.

  5. ... fun! I was hoping to do a triathlon (my first in 8 years) this summer but it's not going to work out. I thought it would've made a great transition prior to my next marathon. All the best - I'll be living vicariously through you!

    If you need some inspiration check out a friend of mine (he won gold in 2000).

  6. Garry, I don't think "strippers" will be available for the Tri i'm doing. Maybe I could press gang someone into "stripping" on the day.

    Ewen, I thought we were all crazy anyway.

    Bill, I agree. That's part of the reason for training for the Tri after Cork. Takes the pressure off the parts of the body stressed from running while maintaining overall fitness.

    Thomas, "trying to humiliate me on the Road". Trying is the operative word as I have been doing a lousy job of it.

    Michael, Simon is some athlete & certainly inspirational. The more I read on the Triathlon scene the more impressed I get - the more confused I get also - so much to learn & not enough time.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm hoping to produce another video diary of the race so watch out for that!

    Only 2 days to go. I'm ready and raring to go.


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