Monday, 1 October 2007

Mature Reflection

I completed 2 recovery runs today. a 5.3 mile loop in the morning and a 3.4 mile run on the threadmill after work. While there is some stiffness in my right calf and left glute (residual strain from my waterskiing attempt on 29th August - pain in the ass really) I'm feeling pretty ok. I'm in Dublin for the next couple of days and may not get in my usual training runs. The track session tomorrow night is certainly out (too soon after Sundays race in any event) 5.3 Miles in 48:06 (09:04 pace @ 119 HR) 3.4 Miles in 30:00 (08:48 pace @ 120 HR) The comment from Thomas yesterday got me thinking again about my target pace for the upcoming marathon. I agree that we both should be aiming for 3:10 to 3:15 with me covering the rear target (07:26 pace) and Thomas covering the frontier territory (07:15 pace or less). We'll have it wrapped up between the 2 of us.
My only concern about Dublin is that when I booked online my excitement got the better of me and I registered in the 4-hour plus category (the only other category being less than 4-hours). I was in the sub-4 hour category last year and still got hemmed in by walkers after half a mile.
I e-mailed the race organisers to explain my predicament only to be told there is nothing they can do as I have been allocated my number - they did suggest that I get towards the front - I assume of the over four hour group. I emailed back suggesting that I cancel my registration and re-register - there has been radio silence since. I have contemplated either registering again (€80 at this stage) or starting so far back that the path would be relatively clear when I crossed the starting line - not really a runner as I'd prefer to be with runners nearer my own pace. I guess I'll play it by ear on race day and produce my booking confirmation e-mail (showing my number) and the results of the Cork Marathon (my name isn't that common) and persuade the stewards to let me in the sub-4 hour pen (either that or hop the barrier).
Other than that I don't care what the day throws at me - I'm ready.

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  1. I presume they use timing chips for the race. Do whatever you can to get in the sub-4 hour pen (jump the fence if need be). Also, try and get as close to the front as you can.

    Running from the back of the 4+ group would mean you'd be delayed by 5 minutes or more, still have to run through them, and not have the advantage of running with a group in the race doing a similar pace.